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any surprise that scutaro got it done again? mr. clutch since his acquisition singles in front of austin jackson. here comes theriot, who opened the inning with a single offer phil coke and the giants can smell the finish line. 's is done the entire postseason, sergio romo was money in the 9th, striking out cabrera, looking. and then the giants can celebrate the 7th world championship in franchise history, the second in san francisco and the second in three years. the trophy is heading to san francisco as the celebration in the clubhouse began after they were on the field and it was also announced that pablo sandoval who made world series history with three home runs in game 1 was the series mvp. it takes ten innings, but the giants get it down 4-3 to complete the first sweep in franchise history since the team took four from the cleveland indians in 1954. fred inglis is with us live
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from detroit and fred, this was the first game in which the tigers led and it felt like they had a chance late in the game, but again, the combines just had that? extra. >> reporter: they have a lot of tools here. you talk about pablo sand val, but how the national league championship series mvp. that would be marco scutaro, who is a consumate pro, and plays this game the right way. marco came into game 4 of the world series batting 2 for 12, but today, he hustled and scored on posey's hit and the guy they call blockbuster comes through in the 10th when they needed it the most. >> i'm just excited! i mean, i don't even know what to say right now. it's a blessing from above. i have to thank god for this. just for the opportunity to be in the world series, and now that we won it, i mean, i can't
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ask for anything better than this. >> we made pitches and our pipeline stepped up. we didn't use a whole lot in the series, but what we got used man we made sure we did some damage. >> reporter: how would you compare this to 20102010 was any first victory with a ring and i will never forget that one. this was an amazing run. winning nine total in a row. what an awesome deal. the way these guys came back and not giving up and eventually winning it. and this time going up two games and then 3-0 and then winning it four games to nothing. it's such a surreal moment. it's a world series that will never be forgettable. what a combination of everybody doing their job. >> i'm numb, really. the fact that we have won two world serieses in the last
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three years, it doesn't sink in right now. i'm kind of speechless on that. >> reporter: it was the bullpen. it was depth, it was the starting line-up that really made the difference in this series swept. seven of the nine offensive starters in today's the game was not on the 2010 season. tells you how much things turn over around here. i can honestly say that the coldest football game i after a tended was tonight's game 4 of the world series. but it was fascinating. it was dramatic. and it was well worth it as the giants now go home with that world series championship. reporting live in comerica park in detroit, fred inglis ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, fred. two world serieses in three years. it's getting to be a regular thing. the parade on wednesday. this was also an nhl sunday. if you are in the afc west, you are in the race. the raiders making their case today in kansas city. we'll be right back. , and makes education a real priority-
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with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1.
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. kansas city's kansas city's arrowhead stadium -- raiders with the 13-6 lead into the locker room. palmer trouhis second touchdown pass to darrius heyward-bey turns into a touchdown. he does the rest to the end zone. 26-9 with the chiefs trying to get back into it in the 4th quarter. matt cassel picked off by lee. the first road win for the raiders since they beat the chiefs last december. they have now made it six in a row at arrowhead. 26-16 the final, 3-4, oakland is one game out of a first
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place. palmer has barely been in oakland a year, but he is got a feel for how thing goes in the afc west. >> you talk about chiefs and raiders, you can't rely on strikes. you know you are going to get a good shot from them and coming off a bye-week, there were a number of things that you have to factor into a rivalry game like this. we have great respect for that defense and especially that defensive coaching staff. >> we kept battling and we kept fighting. that was a proud group and they are banged up pretty good right now, but i was proud of the way that they competed four quarters today and i thought they played well. >> the 49ers should be well- rested when they take an arizona tomorrow night in the desert. san francisco will be playing for the first time in ten days and will have a chance to move into first play by two games. >> rams and patriots had london duty this week. the brits on offensive displayply new england tom brady and gronkowski with a
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tribute to the guards at buckingham palace. . matthew stanford and the lions looking to get on track against the seahawks in seattle. stanford stafford throws the strike. stafford to young again, lions pull out the win and seahawks record is even at 4-4. >> matt ryan and the falcons in uncharted territory. they are still proximate ryan fires long for julio jones for the touchdown pass. the falcons handled the eagles 30-17 of, atlantic 7-0, philly, 3-4, tony romo up and in the cowboys in a very strange game against the giants. jason pierre-paul takes off to the end zone. new york was a 23-0 with the
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2nd quarter lead and the cowboys scored 24 straight. final seconds now, romo finds dez bryant in the back of the end zone from 37 yard out. looks like the cowboys have won, but the play is interviewed. on the replay they see bryant got his hand down first out-of- bounds before his body came down inbounds. it's ruled incomplete. steelers today donning 1934 throwback unis that made thimlook like giant bumble bees and had to be a play-by-play announcers nightmare. they took this one 27-12. just three races left in nascar's race cup. with 15 laps to go in martinsville, jimmie johnson took the lead. johnson would hold off kyle busch to win on this track for the seventh time in his career
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and takes over the points lead over brad keselowski. >> here are the candidates for high school game of the week. vote for the game you want to see by going to and clicking on "high school sports." >> we'll announce the winner on thursday and see you under the lights on friday night. that is it for this sunday night edition of sportswrap. enjoy that world championship. you never know how long it will be until you get your next one. >> maybe next year. >> two in three years. >> i'm pushing it a little bit [ laughter ] >> what the heck? get greedy a. a lot of people will take away pablo sandoval's performance. anything else that sticks out with you? >> marco scutaro. he was clutch. it was the season in which they had to make adjustments. they lost melky cabrera and
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they pretty much remade the team and they stepped up and won it all. >> awesome job. >> we want to go to chopper 2, we understand that fire is on mission street itself. we're not exactly clear on the cross street, but we have had reports of different fires, bonfires burning at locations on 19th, and mission, and also 23rd and mission. there may have been more than one fire, but obviously there is this one that is burning now with a crowd gathered around:this is the kind of thing that is causing a spectacle and obviously having an impact on traffic, but it is just burning in the street. we don't see any firefighters on the scene. it looks like a pretty good- sized fire at this point and we have been seeing reports on twitter and so on of people throwing paint cans in the bonfires, which of course causes explosions and only adds to potential for injury in a situation like that. from the wide picture you can see there there are a couple hundred for more that are gathered around this. this is all part of the kind of
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strange downside to the celebrations that we see sometimes when something great happens for a sports franchise and a lot of reason to be proud of your city and the community. this kind of celebration kind of takes away from that. >> it certainly does and we'll of course be monitoring the situation for you. these shots from news chopper 2 of the situation taking place on mission street, 19th, perhaps 23rd as ken mentioned. a pretty significant bonfire right there in the middle of the street. traffic at a standstill. the intersection blocked. we have been seeing people -- we have been watching people throw different items inside and just fueling this fire right here in the middle of the street in celebration of the giant's victory, world series championship title, but of course a lot of concern that something like this could get out of hand. >> we ever also been monitoring reports and in fact, we showed you video earlier tonight of activity at market
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and 17th where people were climbing on top of a muni bus and a car was flipped over there as well. but as we can see from this picture looks like the fire burning down. >> we want to stay in san francisco and continuing our coverage of the san francisco giant's clinch of the world series satellite. we want to head over to john sasaki, live in the marina district, well, i see the folks right behind you john, now crowded into the streets. >> reporter: hey, heather, it's still going on and it's going to be going on for quite a while. you can see it's quite the scene out here. i have talked to quite a few people who were here two years ago. i was here two years ago and it does seem quite a bit more rowdy than it was two years ago. a lot of fireworks going off, including this big piece of fireworks, launching up into the sky, lighting up the nighttime sky as well. i want to tell you really quick
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that we were in the republic bar at scott and lombard at the end of the game, when sergio romo locked down the championship for the giants, and go ahead and take a listen. >> go romo! yay! whoo! yeah! [ applause ] >> we are are the champions! . >> reporter: certainly one of the best recommendions of "we are the champions," by queen that san franciscos have ever been experienced and they sang the theme song from two years ago, "don't stop living." by journey. one of the nights that we'll remember and many san franciscans and people around
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the bay area will remember for a long time. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to head back to news chopper 2 and get an aerial view on the streets of the city. we showed you a moment ago a bonfire in the mission district and there is the fire looking down on it. we'll get an idea of how many people are there. looks like the crowd may be thinning out just a bit, but certainly a couple hundred people, maybe more that are out there. you see some objects still be thrown into the bonfire. it's burning in the street. i can tell you i was in the mission two years ago when the giants wouldn't world series and it was basically piles of garbage drag nasdaq the streets and set on fire. it wasn't right next to any structures or vehicles that could be damaged. so it's kind of a strange,
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spontaneous celebration goes on. people have been drinking and i don't think you can rule that out by any means. so people expressing themselves in this bizarre fashion of celebration the giant's victory, but we don't want to see anybody get hurt or any private property get damaged or anything like that. you don't see police moving in or firefighters moving in. maybe they are just trying to let them thing fizzle owe on its own and not aggravate the crowd and make a bad situation possibly worse. >> as we look at the pictures from chopper 2, it appears that the crowd has thinned out at 19th and mission. you did see what appears to be a couple hundred people blocking the intersection. you also see no cars in any stretch of the imagination rolling through this intersection right now. right now this fire appears to be right there in the middle of the street. it doesn't appear to be that close to any of the make it businesses or anything like that. but of course, always a concern about a fire like this
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spreading and i'm wondering when perhaps firefighters might move in, and clear this crowd out? or do anything to try to put this fire out. >> i would guess that they are going to wait a little bit. as long as that fire is not threatening structures, they will probably let people do what they doing and eventually go home. >> it's been quite a night for san francisco and the giants and giant fans all-around the bay area. >> that is our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time newsbreaks. >> we sure to joint ktvu morning news at 4:30 a.m. for the expected return of your world champion giants. we're always here foufor you at and mobile ktvu. thanks for watching before we leave you we want to give you a look back of the memrible world series of the san francisco giants.
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congratulations giants! >> people said we couldn't do it and we lost melby and then dodgers made the big trade and people said we couldn't do. we went to cincinnati and people said we can't do it. i think you persevere through the whole season is where we draw the confidence like i said it's not over until the last out. ♪[ music ] the giants win game 1! down the left-field line -- goes to
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3rd. they are going to bring it. ♪[ music ]♪ and that is right down the line into the corner -- that ends it! giants win the 3 games to 0 lead. he rips one down the line into the
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corner. the giants lead. this one down the line in left. the giants have regained the lead. home run buster posey! line drive into centerfield! the throw not in time! scutaro delivers and the giants lead 4-3 in 10th. got him looking and the giants have won it all!
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up next on a "a second look" we take a bite out of halloween and get into the season we look at ghosts in the movies. and "a second look" remembers the man with the big cigar who made awful horror films. good evening i'm julie haener and we prepare by visiting the monsters, vampires from bela lugosi to tom cruise bringing the blush sucking creatures to light.
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>> the screen's real first horror tail was a striking 1922 german film braced on bram stockers' dracula movie that copyright courts ordered the destruction of every print. luckily a few copies followed. with an emaciated body, with a rat-like head he had no redeeming social graces. the first film vampire with personality was dracula, but bella lugosi appeared evil and creepy even while engaged in benign conversation. >> i have charted a ship to take us to england. we'll be leaving tomorrow evening.
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>> you see before you a man who lives for centuries, kept alive by the blood of innocent people. >> when john john carradine character -- for ten years vampires vertually disappeared from the screen and nobody seemed to care, but in 1958 hammer films injected new blood into the genere. christopher lee's character. yet just when you start to think dracula is a bit too aristocratic, he explodes onto
11:27 pm
the screen with a ferocity that had never been viewed before. vampires on film would forever be changed. fangs and cleavage and sex -- not actual sex, but a gothic kind of longing. hammer produced six sequels and the againgen rehas never stopped. a serious story masquerading as parody, it's built upon stocker's fims of sexual ambiguity and paranoia.
11:28 pm
poleanski himself plays the hero. in the '70s, sexn often became the main interest. in andy warhol's "dracula," dracula can only survive on the blood of virgins. an italian handyman takes it upon himself to make the young women of his village. as vampire films approached the '90s, the blood suckers became more romantic. >> there is a dark inside nina finds herself strangely attracted to the prince
11:29 pm
dracula. but while bram stocker's dracula was a fantasy, "interview with a vampire," is a look at century to century concerns of the undead. it's a distillation of its predecessors and natural progression and tom cruise movie that isn't aimed at tom cruise films. but over the years, hollywood has produce the almost enough vampire movies to please all types of viewers. >> in the world of classic hollywood horror movies a few names stand out, bela lugosi is one

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